In Arkhangelsk North opened a children’s ophthalmology center

Children Ophthalmic Center, which provides a full range of care from diagnosis to treatment of young children, opened in Arkhangelsk. The Centre was opened on the basis of the Arkhangelsk clinical ophthalmic hospitals federal program to modernize health care

"This year in hospitals will nurse babies with extremely low birth weight — 500 grams. And they may have a pathology eyes — retinopathy, which can lead to complete loss of vision. Our center is designed to help these kids", — said the chief doctor of the Arkhangelsk Regional Eye Hospital Alexey Kryukov.

The center is equipped with the latest equipment received under the modernization program of health: a diode laser device for surgery premature infants and apparatus for vitreoretinal microsurgery of the front and rear segment of the eye.

"Now all the diagnostics, which we could not do, can be done at the new center, we will be able to coordinate all of ophthalmology, for example, remotely consult doctors anywhere in the region, and doctors will be able to send their children to us", — Hooks added.

In 2012, the hospital is planned in the budget over 5 million rubles for the purchase of portable electrophysiological system with nozzles for children.

The center will operate offices retinopathy of premature children, eye health, diagnosis, consultation and manipulative treatments. Provides for a mother and child.

In addition, plans to open branches of children’s ophthalmology center in Severodvinsk, Kotlas and Velsk, and next year it plans to open two more centers in the districts.

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