In Arkhangelsk opened a new kindergarten

New kindergarten was opened in the county’s May Hill city of Arkhangelsk. Construction of the facility began in 1991, but was suspended due to lack of funding. Work resumed in 2010 through the joint efforts of the City Hall and the Arkhangelsk regional government.

Kindergarten was originally designed for 240 seats, however, after analyzing all the possibilities, city officials were able to increase their number to 275. Total for the construction of buildings and purchase of equipment from regional and municipal budgets have been allocated 179 million rubles, including from regional coffers — about 60 million rubles.

In the years 2012-2018 in the framework of the regional long-term program "Construction and repair of educational institutions" in the Arkhangelsk region provided the construction and renovation of 13 kindergartens for 1,845 seats and overhaul of 95 pre-school educational institutions.



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