In Arskoe region of Tatarstan after the cap. Repair open a school and new sports and cultural center

In MBOU "ASOSH number 2", the Arsk by the national program this year was a major overhaul. 

How to tell the guests director Arsk school number 2 Gulnara Garipova, the school was built 40 years ago, in 1972. During this time, overhaul the school never held — was carried out only routine maintenance. Upgrade school program overhaul of the national budget was allocated 12 million 800 thousand rubles.

This year, the program overhaul in Tatarstan was renovated almost 170 schools (Together with the correctional institutions).

Gross area cultural and sports center Open to s.Tyubyak-Chekurcha Arsky Rhein-over 450 sq.m. 

It is planned that in the cultural and sports center will be working section in volleyball, basketball, table tennis, adult fee will be organized section on yoga. Here are the lessons in vocal, dance, and also organizes cultural and sporting events. Total to build the facility has been allocated about 10 million rubles.


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