In Aspen forests (Kemerovo region). Opened shop for the processing of agricultural products

The total project cost 14.5 million rubles. Including 6.5 million rubles. — The means of the State Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Kemerovo region, 3.5 million rubles. allocated from the Municipal Fund for Entrepreneurship Support Administration Osinnikovskaya urban district, 4.5 million rubles. Ltd. has invested "Cherry City".


In 2012, the Company "shop processing of agricultural products," Cherry City "was the winner in the competition for the provision of loans to small and medium-sized businesses from the State Fund for Small Business of the Kemerovo region.

Every year at harvest time now bought products from local horticultural societies and private household plots (cherries, currants, raspberries, apples, etc.).

With the launch of the new shop will work 30. The new production will produce 50 kinds of products: compotes, jams, jam from fruits and berries, frozen vegetables, berries, canned cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage.

Company chief O.V.Zhdanov (Oleg), one of the first and to date the only businessman in the city, which has organized storage of large quantities of vegetables for social enterprises in the winter-spring period. New business grew out of the former food base, which was taken in the lease. To expand production were necessary funds in this regard was taken credit repair is made, prepared sales pavilion, storage facilities for vegetables. The next step was to lease land for planting vegetables and expanding the range of products sold.

Ltd. "shop processing of agricultural products," Cherry Town "is a regular participant in the urban fairs, offering the public, only fresh products at low prices. The company is the winner of the annual tenders for the supply of food for kindergartens, schools, medical and recreational facilities. In addition, organized supply of food health and education in the villages of Robin and Tayzhina.

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