In Astrakhan develop vocational education

24 January in Astrakhan-based State Polytechnic College hosted a meeting of the Coordinating Council "Vocational guidance and training: two parts of a whole". Business leaders, directors of educational institutions and students discussed the formation of institutions of public-order production coming from the region’s needs for specialists in various fields and constant practical training of students in enterprises and organizations.  

One of the big questions — how to break the stereotype prestige of blue-collar occupations. The situation is gradually able to change for the better.

Astrakhan state polytechnic college

Laboratory training chefs


 Laboratory of modern welding technology


other laboratory College (PHOTOS) 


Laboratory of welding processes and quality control of metal  


Laboratory automation systems  


laboratory "Drilling of oil and gas wells"


Laboratory "Computer Networks"   

Laboratory of Hydraulics and hydro  


Laboratory training bartenders and waiters

Laboratory training designers  

Laboratory decoration works and handicrafts

 Photos Eugene Polonsky    

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