In Astrakhan Region opened a new control center to manage the power system

In Astrakhan, commissioned a new control center, the control grid of the Astrakhan region.


Opening of the new dispatch center — an important event not only for the regional power, but above all for more than a million of its customers. Previously, management housed in rented premises "Astrakhan", which imposes certain restrictions on the development of its own technology infrastructure. As part of the investment project to build the infrastructure and technological re-equipment of the Regional dispatching grid Astrakhan (Astrakhan RDU) was built a modern four-storey building, equipped with the latest technology.


"Our new dispatch center — an automated engineering complex, which includes heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security, and advanced fire fighting, said the governor during a small tour of the new building RDU director Alexander Chesnokov. — The building is equipped with a system of guaranteed power supply from independent power supply to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the power in the region in all situations, including freelance ".

Moving the dispatch center in the newer building at Ul.Kuybysheva, 65 Alexander Jilkin as very timely: the region’s power system becomes more complex, new demands for its handling. Today, the responsibility of the Astrakhan dispatchers are objects generating capacity of over 500 MW, more than 5 million miles of power lines and the annual electricity consumption of more than 4 billion kW / h The commissioning of new generating facilities are being upgraded network management. In June of this year commissioned CCGT power plant of 110 MW. The construction of CCGT-235 MW. 44 MW power plant being built in the city Znamensk. All this requires a new level of supervisory support.

In the presence of the governor in 14 hours and 12 minutes of on-line earned a new dispatch center. On a huge plasma screen in the scheme of energy facilities Astrakhan region — from Znamensk to Lyman — lit figures reflecting the most important indicators of energy consumption on specific objects. To commemorate the opening of the control center Alexander Jilkin and industry leaders in the magazine autographed operations duty. "You have created one of the country’s first unified complexes with effectively combined and advanced engineering technologies and achievements in the field of supervisory control, — noted the work of Power Governor of the Astrakhan region. — Congratulations to all the Astrakhan power engineers and representatives of partner companies, who took an active part in the construction of the center, I wish the staff of the regional supervisory control of quality and trouble-free operation, and as little as possible contingencies and peak loads. "

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