In Balahtinskoj District of Krasnoyarsk Territory opened milk processing plant

April 19th the company "Clean Meadows" opened in Balahtinskoj‘s milk processing plant. This venture will be one of the most modern and high-tech agricultural sector in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The first phase of the plant will allow a day to process 12 tons of milk. On the creation and launch of dairy spent 65 million rubles.

With the launch of the new production work received an additional 30 residents. In addition to the production of traditional products (milk, yogurt, butter) the company created a line for the production of yoghurt on the Siberian berries "Net meadows" and hard cheese.

In addition to launching the plant "Clean meadows" provide for the development of infrastructure in the area Balahtinskoj — On the farms were built modern changing rooms, toilets and showers, opened a new large playground. And the cows were bright rooms and a new milking equipment.


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