In Bashkortostan, change the last air circuit breakers

In the grid complex of Bashkortostan completed a large complex program, launched in 2000, to replace the air-operated circuit breakers for new motor-driven. The last two aircraft disconnect today dismantled in software "Ishimbaysky electrical networks" Company "Bashkirenergo" in the substation 110 kV "PEP" is an installation of new ones.

Thus, the network facilities of the republic gone past disconnects with an air driven, which have developed their own switching resource and uneconomical to operate. After all, when working with air-operated circuit breakers had to serve all the compressor facilities substations. This created additional complexities as compressors operating pressure up to 40 MPa. With the introduction of circuit breakers with motor-driven compressor systems need disappears.

Replacement of equipment will help improve the quality and reliability of energy supply, reduce the risk of production and consumption of electricity for their own needs.

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