In Bashkortostan, the building complex for the production of acrylic acid in the company Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical

The unique wide range of Russian ensure a high level of environmental and industrial safety in the manufacture of products.

The basis of the process of a new production of "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" put technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) (Japan). It characterizes the safe conduct of the processes (ease of processing chain, the presence of a security zone near the processing chain), stable operation, protection of the environment from the adverse effects, the use of closed-loop, low power and high quality of products.

In the production process of a wastewater discharge into surface and ground waters is not happening. Sewage settings are displayed in the industrial wastewater and proceed to the treatment facilities "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical." In this regard, the acrylic acid production operation will not affect the environment.

Entering the complex will create Salavat additional 300 jobs. Further expansion of production with the construction of production facilities and the variances of superabsorbent polymers will increase the number of additional jobs to 1000-1200 people


At the moment there are dozens of acrylic productions that use similar technology, located in Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Japan, South Africa. Commissioned in different years, they have a higher level of environmental and industrial safety.

To date, fully completed in preparation extended basic engineering, project documentation, a master plan for the construction site.

The new production will "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" produce raw materials for petrochemical end products — super absorbent, acrylic dispersions, acrylic paints. It will include the unit for production of crude acrylic acid capacity of 80 tons / year of butyl acrylate (an acrylic acid and butanol) capacity of 80 tons / year and glacial acrylic acid capacity of 35 thousand tons / year.

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