In Bashkortostan, the installation of equipment at the ends of new asphalt plants

In the manufacturing sector careers Kadysh Beloretskogo DRSU finishes installation of equipment on the new asphalt plant. SUE "Bashkiravtodor" bought two of these plant. The second is mounted in Buraevskogo area.

Plant container-type German company LINTEC collected on the basis of the children’s designer. Its capacity — 240 tons of asphalt per hour. This is eight times more than the capacity of the old installation 90s, which produces up to 30 tons per hour. And if today’s 20-ton KamAZ trucks are being loaded asphalt more than half an hour, then at a new plant in 12 minutes you can download six such machines. 


To lift the upper blocks the 75-ton rubber-tired crane KATO, specially fitting of Ufa. Installation is carried out in-house with the participation of guests from Moscow two company representatives. After completing the installation will begin distributing power cables, network management, and a trial run of the plant is scheduled for early September.

September will be spent on commissioning, which under the contract with the firm will continue for 42 days. By the time winter comes, so that the full force of the plant will be able to work only in the coming season. Number of employees depends on the load on it. Draft version envisages the work of two operators and a specialist in electronics. All operations are automated. People have been trained at a similar plant in Ufa, and is now involved in the installation of equipment.

For drying and preparing the asphalt of its components are heated to 140-170 degrees. The new installation is literally a gram dosage will be observed of all the components. If in old plants, there are four drive for different factions, there are six of them, so that the choice of types of asphalt and its very quality will be at a higher level.

Director Beloretskogo DRSU Anatoly Levichev said that the most tense days and from old factories located in Lomovke, Kadish and Inzer, receiving up to 1,000 tons of asphalt per shift, but this setup will guarantee the quality of the road surface. In addition, it will close the requirements of asphalt on all construction sites, and old plants can be used for current and patching in the offseason.

In environmental terms, the smoke and dust from the work of all units will be discharged into the air cleaning system — a special unit container in which the filter is set to 321.

— So familiar to all ABZ black smoke from this plant will not see. A stand new factory will not be because of the next season for us to be added. It is planned to cover the new asphalt a 20-kilometer stretch of road from Ufa to Intermountain Sermenevo, it is necessary to complete construction of the 10-kilometer stretch of the southern bypass Byeloretsk. If before we could plan the work, depending on the capabilities of the old plants, now on the part of the manufacture of asphalt have limitations will not. Over the winter we brought here by an adequate supply of materials, contracts with the neighboring quarries already made, — said Anatoly Levichev.

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