In Bashkortostan, two fire departments have received new cars

New cars entered service firefighters Republic of Bashkortostan. New tankers awarded to fire departments in the township and village Chishmy Bizhbulyak.


Truck, Heavy-made Kamaz 43118 four wheel car chassis, 6×6, diesel engine, maximum output of no less than 240 hp, environmental grade not lower than EURO 3 and has a water tank capacity of not less than 7 tons and tank foam based 6% of the tank capacity.

Combat crew cab double cab, salon-type accommodation provides 6 people fighting crew (5 people + driver), consists of two modules. Front module is a full-time cabin. The second module must be installed seats for 4 people with mounts for breathing apparatus in the backside.

AC is equipped with fire and technical equipment, special equipment and rescue tools. The cost of each type of heavy fire tanker AC 7.0-40 on KAMAZ 43118-15 $ 3.3 million.

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