In Belarus, tested E-mobility

On the range of one of the research institutes of Belarus are tests E-mobile. On a chassis-run-media prototypes of main units of the Russian hybrid car.


Recall E-mobility in his latest release is a five-door urban crossover with a hybrid power plant of the sequential type. Each of the axes of the machine is a separate electric motor, powered from the battery, receiving in turn the energy from the generator driven by an internal combustion engine. Rigid connection (via a manual transmission) between the engine and the wheels do not — the petrol engine is running only as a source of electric power.


Interestingly, in some modes, a bunch of engine-generator can not only recharge the battery, but also nourish the traction motors directly. In addition to the internal combustion engine to recharge the battery pack helps the recovery of energy — on a plan of Russian designers, recovery mode should retain and transfer to the battery to 80% of the kinetic energy of a car traveling coasting. Revolutionary looks very battery — the battery is not in the usual form, and capacitors, which, thanks to its principal features of cheaper, lighter and able to charge faster. Capacitor bank — 7.5 farad at 450 volts (or 110 Wh), massa70 kg. Operating temperature range is also more profitable than the battery — from — 45 degrees to 60 degrees, forced cooling condensers are required.


Here are some details about the tested version of the E-mobile. The nominal capacity of each of the two traction motors — 30 kW, maximum — 60 kW, torque — 200 Nm. Power 4-cylinder engine obemom1, 4-liter 75 hp In urban crossover hybrid drive motor will consume poryadka6 lna100 km. In addition to the gasoline supply system ICE crossover will be equipped with HBO to run on compressed methane gas (CNG).


Checking E-mobility at the site shows that the hybrid system is conceived with the capacitor bank is efficient. The urban car traffic turns dynamic, nabiraya60 km / chza 4.5 seconds, all wheel drive, if desired, you can pick a slip from the spot. In suburban speeds speaker falls, since the start of the active battery give all their energy in the first few seconds posle60 km / chuzhe not help speed up the generator car. Therefore, based on the results of preliminary tests it appears that the E-mobility accelerates to 100 kmza 14 — 15 seconds. Interestingly, the motion is allowed only upon the electric rate — at poryadka30 km / chmozhno drive okolo1 kilometers. When testing is complete E-mobile, is not reported, but the designers claim that lack of time and not feel everything is going according to schedule.

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