In Belgorod opened a new pharmaceutical production plant

Pharmaceutical company PIK-Pharma, founded in 2011 at the former Belgorod vitamin complex, expanding its production. Today, the company opened a new shop.

Before the opening ceremony for all the participants conducted a tour of the current chemical shop. Here, for producing a pharmaceutical drug substance. Raw material is cleaned, filtration and crystallization. Who is working on the production of about 60 people.

With the opening of a new plant the company has the ability to increase production, to start a new thread for the production of pharmaceutical substances for the production of medicines Pantogram and increase its output by half. Also it allows not only the production master pantogam but also other substances.

In addition, with the opening workshop will be new jobs. Will be in demand apparatchiks and chemical engineers. The new shop will be located apart from the production of warehouse and office space.

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