In Belgorod upgrading energy equipment and boiler CHP


As part of the investment program for thermal power plants and boiler Belgorod branch of "Quadra" complete reconstruction of the power equipment. However, all heat sources are included in the work and to fully provide heat Gubkin, Belgorod and consumers.

For the realization of the investment program of events in 2011 Belgorod branch of JSC "Quadra" send 77,500,000 rubles, which is 11% more than the previous financial year.

At a gas turbine CHP "Ray" is being commissioned work station hardware mixing water network, which allows to stabilize hydraulic regimes of heat networks in the southern district of Belgorod.

Also as part of the investment were reconstructed heating boiler feed pumps "Southern" in Belgorod. Currently, there is an installation of variable frequency drives that can reduce energy consumption by boiler needs and stabilizing the hydraulic parameters of the coolant.

On Gubkinskaya CHP continues implementation of a new water treatment scheme, which provides pre-treatment of water to fuel steam boilers. Use of this water treatment system will improve the quality of the feed water will increase the reliability of power equipment, and improve not only the economy of the process water treatment, but also environmental parameters. "Pre-treated and demineralized feed water does not form scale in boilers. Therefore, the reconstruction will extend the life of boilers, and hence the station as a whole ", — Said the chief engineer of the Belgorod branch of JSC "Quadra" Victor throat.

CHP on the Belgorod a reconstruction of gas supply system on the third boiler, which will increase the safety of its operation. Similar work carried out on the boiler number 1 Gubkinskaya CHP.

Also Gubkin modernized equipment, relay protection and automation of electrical connections station.

At the boiler "Zhuravliki" Gubkin reconstructed boiler number 2 and its gas supply, mounted automatic combustion with correction for oxygen content, embedded variable speed drives.

At the boiler "Western" of the regional center, the reconstruction of the boiler number 1 with providing an opportunity to work in peak mode, ie with maximum thermal performance.

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