In Berdichev installed modern X-ray diagnostic system

Berdichevskaya City Central Hospital received high-value modern X-ray diagnostic system with digital image processing.

The system is designed for X-ray examinations in the mode of a digital radiography.This is made possible thanks to the persistence of Berdichev Mayor Basil Mazur, director of the Department of Health of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Alexander torbasa and with the assistance of regional state administration and the board.

One of the main advantages of the new equipment is that digital technology can significantly reduce the level of exposure for the patient and for the staff. In addition, at high throughput high quality picture can already get your hands on for a few minutes and, if necessary, and in electronic form.

Medicine has already managed to make the convenience of the new equipment. At full capacity, the new digital X-ray diagnostic system, which is installed in the X-ray room city clinic, has earned a few weeks ago. During this time, doctors conducted an X-ray survey of about 1,000 patients.

"Compared with the studies that have so far carried out on the old X-ray equipment" X-30 ", — said the head physician of the medical institutions Larissa Babikova — a much improved quality of radiographs, which affects the result of diagnosis and facilitates the diagnosis."

The new X-ray diagnostic system with digital image processing greatly enhances medical relatively rapid, timely and highly accurate diagnosis and the provision of quality health care berdichivlyany

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