In Berdsk opened sports club for people with disabilities (video)


For them, it is not only a chance to engage in daily exercise and sport under the guidance of experts, but also a way to return to an active life. For these people the sport — no medals, prizes and certificates. Physical Education — is synonymous with fulfilling life.

Create a club is not easy. The hardest part — to find specialists. The coach must be a sports coach and a doctor, and most importantly — a psychologist. Today, the club came the first two dozen people. This is a big step forward, say the organizers.

Hope Baharevand, 2 disability groups: "Classes give life force. Somehow easier feet. But most importantly — communication and health."

Svetlana Ashikhmina, specialist of physical education and sport administration Berdsk: "The main task — to get out of the house to show. Life is beautiful, life goes on, no matter what. And the sport — the most effective way to fill life with colors."

This is especially important for the young. Social workers do not hide — activities for seniors are held regularly, but young people do not visit them very willingly.

Pavel Sergeev"Sports Club opened, we are very pleased. Previously, there was nothing. Hanging out with the sport was not quite place. Now we’re playing tennis, and darts, and football. Young is going active."

First to appreciate the club team of the city. At the last regional Games for people with disabilities berdchane took third place. But it is yesterday assured the athletes. With such a base for the next tournament we will become first.

Oleg Gladkov



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