In Beslan (Ossetia) opened a maternity hospital

Maternity hospital for 48 beds was opened on June 28 in the town of Beslan. Object with 18 chambers, equipped with modern medical equipment and 114 jobs built in the Right Bank district hospital

New landscaped medical complex of six thousand square meters of the standards of the World Health Organization. 

* Obstetric-physiological
* Department of newborns
* Children’s pathology
* Observational

Number of seats:
Provides 48 beds. 18 of them for newborns. 30 — for expectant mothers. One — double rooms with private bath and shower, air conditioning. There is also a 10 day stay places (refer to the women’s clinic).

Only 114 people will be employed. Of these, 28 physicians skilled workers. Average personnel 45. Nurses 31.

In the amount of 36 million rubles. Ventilator, portable X-ray, ultrasound diagnostics, incubators for low birth weight infants. There is also a unique machine that can make blood transfusions and treatment in the operation, which eliminates the possibility of contamination. Generic bed transformers, current operating tables.


Diagnostic equipment will detect fetal malformations in the early stages, to keep the child in the Rh-conflict pregnancy.
Operating with autonomous infrastructure, beds transformers allow two simultaneous operations.
Special infant incubators allow foster children with extremely low birth weight
The condition makes it possible to stay pregnant women rooming mother and child.
Area on the third floor include the ability to run the educational program. Passage of externship students at advanced medical academy. Training classes with access to the global Internet, the offices for faculty members.

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