In Biysk (Altai Territory) opened a new gas boiler

Commissioning of the facility allowed to gasify 40% of the city beyond the river.
Gasification project Science City to implement the 2014 Altai Krai Administration, JSC "Rosgazifikatsiya" together with the administration Byisk. 

Switch to natural gas is the largest city of the boiler will allow more intensive development of the infrastructure of science city. Governor Alexander Karlin, called today’s event one of the most important stages of gasification. According to him, this is the most capacious investment project over the past few years, the impact of which will extend the economic and the social sphere. Additional impetus to the development will also receive two bordering the science city district — Bijskij and Krasnogorsk.

"Bijsk becomes a powerful stimulus for further development. According to the conditions of living and quality of the infrastructure of the city beyond the river is one of the most attractive areas of science city ", — said the head of the region. He expressed particular gratitude of "Rosgazifikatsiya", as the company took responsibility for the most important and technologically challenging phase of the project. "We have seen the highest level of professionalism: six months solved all the issues of design, passed the necessary examinations, carried out a huge amount of work. The result is a fascinating object, "- said Alexander Karlin.
Note that the operation of the gasification beyond the river town of science involved specialists of "Ustyugneftegazservis." "We got a visual confirmation that the Grand Ustjug not only the best Santa Claus, but the best specialists," — said the Governor of the Altai Territory.
Gasification beyond the river Byisk will successfully complete the implementation of the joint project of the Administration of Altai Krai and the Russian Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services for the construction of the science city of Russia’s first energy-efficient residential neighborhood. I must say that only implemented the first stage of the program of reconstruction and modernization of the heating system and the switch to natural gas thermal energy facilities. In the future, will be gasified teplorayony number 2 and number 3 Byisk beyond the river. Subsequently, a single point of control to regulate the operation of all three teplorayonov. "I am absolutely convinced that these objects in the Altai region day by day and year by year there will be more", — concluded the head of the region.
Add that as a result of the commissioning of the new boiler gas supply more than 150 households, two children’s homes and the city hospital.
The final part of the opening ceremony of a new large object was the presentation of awards. Specialists provide fast and quality work, received awards Altai Territory.

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