In Bologoe opened sports center


In Bologom the grand opening of the sports center, bringing together under one roof hall for team sports, playgrounds for boxing, fitness, dry swimming, recreation area, swimming pool.

This event bologovtsy waited 20 years, and there are few who believe that the sports center will open its doors. The foundation of the sports facility was built in the late 80-ies of the last century, at the expense of the local plant. But dashing 90 made their adjustments to the plans of the company, and the construction of the center has stopped.
Work was resumed in 2009 at the expense of the consolidated assets of the federal, regional and municipal budgets. The total cost of the project amounted to more than 182 million rubles.

Actually the need for the construction of the sports complex was dictated by the situation, or rather the current state of the Sports Palace for Children and Youth. On the basis of this institution are sports sections in football, table tennis, skiing, chess, sports and ballroom dancing — just eleven sports, which involved about 500 bologovtsev.

On the level of preparation of students show results. Ivan Trofimov won the World Junior Rollerski, world-class athlete in skiing Alla Vinogradova became the champion of the Central Federal District.

On pedestals competition of Russian and international levels would be more students Bologovsky Sports Palace, confident leader Mikhail Martynov institutions, but dilapidated building built in 1936 can not simultaneously accommodate all sections, and conduct more training.

And after years of protracted Bologoye commissioned fitness sports center with swimming pool, where at the same time can go swimming 50.


— Modern sports facilities should be in each municipality, and we will strive for this. After all, elite sport begins with the schoolyard playgrounds, a sports circles — congratulating bologovtsev, the head of the region’s Andrei Shevelov. — Already in more than three thousand sports facilities and each year dozens of new offers.
It is gratifying that this sports center started a month before the planned opening. I am grateful for the work of ambulance contractor administration. On a previous trip, I said that if you open a sports complex in the City Day, the region will help you with the construction of an independent boiler. And I will fulfill my promise.

Today sports complex takes visitors seven days a week from 9 am to midnight. There are organized activities for children and teenagers in twelve different sections, including swimming. Already announced enrollment in health groups that are willing to deal with three instructors. After studying at TSU in the sports center will come and swim coach Svetlana Belousov.

At the opening of the sports complex addressed to parents, head of the region said that the development of professional and amateur sports efforts alone are not enough power, you need to first of all adults desire to see their kids healthy.

— The first step you should do it by taking the children by the hand to lead them in the section to dealing with sports and serve as an example for them. And if the sport becomes passion the whole family, then it will always be understanding, — said Andrei Shevelov.

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