In Britain declared flood warnings

In Britain declared flood warnings Danger Zone

Britain is preparing to moving from the Atlantic the September showers that can cause flooding dozens of moderate severity in the country. Over the next two days on the island, especially in the south-east and north of England, Scotland, will fall to 80 mm of rain, accompanied by winds of 96 km / h

Flood warning is sounded in several counties, some places are expected flooding. Population is recommended to observe the precaution to protect your property, to be ready for a cold snap and the weather changes from summer to autumn. Notably, nearly all of September in the UK temperature was kept at +25 ° C. With the arrival of showers temperature drops to +12 .. +15 ° C. In Scotland, the first frosts are possible.

Particularly vulnerable in this windy and rainy weather can be a system of transport, bridges, water restaurants, as well as woodland and parks. Most likely, the precipitation in the UK are part of the tropical storm Nadine, which originated near the Azores.

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