In Britain, one in seven bankrupt shop

The economic downturn in the UK, only in the last 2 years has led to the bankruptcy of 10 thousand stores.

During this period in the country's cities every seventh closed shop.

Recession British economy, in addition to the growth trend in the commission of online shopping has also led to the disappearance of some commercial areas.

Chain stores sporting goods «GGB», is one of the companies whose owners are under strong pressure due to the economic problems, and in order to avoid the collapse of the company, have to sell it.

Meanwhile, in the coastal town of Margaret Kent how big the economic downturn, there has closed 36% of the city's shops.

According to official statistics, the UK, only in 2010 and went bankrupt in 2011 10 thousand stores, while in the interval between 2000 and 2009 — about 15 thousand

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