In Buryatia exceeded plan for reforestation

For 2012 was exceeded in the country plan for reforestation. During this period, were planted 2,125 hectares of forest. Promotion of natural regeneration was carried out on an area of over 30,000 hectares, in terms of 27.4. Produced seed nursery area of about 12 ha, 763.5 kg of seeds harvested pine is grown 10,000 pieces of Scots pine seedlings, which will provide its own needs for plants for planting silvicultural operation in 2013.

In 2012, in the category of economically valuable tree plantations were introduced 29,000 acres of young growth — two thousand hectares of forest plantations and more than 25,000 hectares — as a result of measures to promote natural regeneration.

Fully implemented the amount of reforestation on the areas affected by fires and windstorms. In 2012, the forestry experts were hand-planted about nine million pine seedlings.

In 2013, plans for foresters to plant trees in the area of 2100 ha. In the spring, has made planting on an area of over a thousand acres. Plan to promote natural regeneration remained the same as last year, the press service of the national forestry agency.

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