In Buryatia restored Kizhinginsky creamery plant

Kizhinginsky creamery plant began operation after reconstruction. On August 24 the plant received its first batch of milk.


Exactly a month later, are ripening cheese manufactured here, "Radonezh" ripen first batch of dairy product.

In the Soviet years, the factory made deliveries of the product in the best Soviet deli "Eliseevskiy" in Moscow, the cheese was exported to Mongolia, and All-Union exhibitions Kizhinginsky cheese "Radonezh" took first place and diplomas.

In May of this year Kizhinginsky creamery plant was acquired by JSC "Milk Buryatia." The plant was renovated, new equipment, rebuilt team of highly qualified specialists.

"Reconstruction of the plant has spurred President of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsin in 2010 as part of a program to increase the production of local cheeses, — explained the head of the Food Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Tatiana Polozova — Kizhinginsky plant — is one of the oldest enterprises of the dairy industry of the country, his more than 40 years and, of course, required a radical reconstruction. With the advent of the factory the company "Milk Buryatia" all necessary reconstruction work was carried out in the shortest possible time, and today the plant opens. The most important task, which now stands in front of "Milk of Buryatia" — is to ensure the production of raw materials. "

Depends on the quality of milk a good half success. The benefit district Kizhinginsky and coterminous with him Horinsky rich in dairy herd. The main task — again teach people to take the milk to the factory. First steps in this direction are made with the first of September: the plant will take milk from the population by 12 cents per liter, and the collection of raw materials will be carried out directly in the villages, which is very convenient.

"Kizhinginsky area has huge potential — it’s 11,000 head of dairy cattle. At present, we are working with the heads of villages. I think this plant should eventually move to year-round operation and provide output of 100 tons per year ", — said Yuri Tarman, chairman of the board of directors of" Milk of Buryatia ", the press service of the company.

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