In Charodinskom area have commissioned a new water supply capacity of 400 tons

In the village of Tsurib Charodinskogo District have commissioned a new water supply system, the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural RD. At the grand opening of the aqueduct made by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food RD Saygitali Abdurazakov, Head of Agriculture of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan Shamil Djamalov, mayor of the municipality "Charodinsky area" Magomedgadzhi Ibragimov, director of SC "Artonis" Gazimagomed Magomedov and others.

According to the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agricultural RD S. Abdurazakova, water withdrawn for use in the Republican target program "Social development of village until 2013" for the development of rural water supply areas. Customer water was a state-owned enterprise "Dagselhozstroy" contractor — JSC Insurance Company "Artonis."

Now Dual Line closed system of water supply with a total capacity of 400 tons of water allows water to provide the population of the district center in full. Bactericidal connected to the system installation, through which water passes from the two tanks, each of which has a volume of 200 cubic meters.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the distinguished guests emphasized the important role and importance of commissioning of such facilities that improve the socio-economic situation of the Highlanders. After the inauguration of water in front of guests and residents with. Tsurib made by artists District Palace of Culture.

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