In Cheboksary (Chuvashia) opened a new office medical practice

In December Cheboksary opening of a new office (family) practice. The new facility will be a mini-health clinic, which will be able to address any resident of the city.

In the new center of medicine imported advanced equipment, there are four general practices, first-aid room, a treatment room for injections and blood donation, physiotherapy room, study physical therapy, day hospital. It will operate 10 regional sites, 10 GPs (family) practitioners, 10 nurses, general practitioners, fiziomedsetra 1, 1 nurse physical therapy. The number of people served to average 17150 people.

Also, residents will be provided outpatient and inpatient-care replacement. For convenience, the office will work "Electronic Registry" where citizens can make an appointment with a doctor via the Internet.

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