In Chechnya Argun restored bridge


It will shorten the way to the track "Terrible — Chatou — Itum-Kali" several districts.

Argun bridge completely put to use. Modern bridge "grown" on the 12th km of Shali. His creation of the inhabitants of surrounding villages asked the head of the republic for a long time. Destroyed in 1995, the bridge was the only crossing. The villagers had to learn many kilometers of detours to get to their destination.

The bridge provides direct access to the track Grozny — Chatou — Itum-Kali. Now residents of Shali, Kurchaloi and Vedeno districts will spend less time in transit. Also, Argun Bridge — the last item, which has been refurbished as part of the federal program "Development of the Czech Republic 2008-2012 period. ‘. The bridge is 174 meters, width — 13 meters. Installed around the perimeter road lighting.

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