In Chechnya commence serial assembly of Lada Priora

Next week on the conveyor Argun plant "Pishchemash" will begin assembling the serial front-wheel drive "Lada Priora".

"Seven" leaves the assembly line
Correspondents "RG" came to the company "Chechenavto" just before the start of the new line. In the workshops was in full swing. Workers dismantled the equipment, which in 2008 collected "Lada" seventh model, and installed conveyor for installation, "Lada Priora".

— Components with AvtoVAZ drive up almost every day, — says the head of the assembly shop Said Amy Yunusov. — Now comes the assembly of suspended equipment for the production of a full line of new car.

The last four months of installation help keep professionals from Togliatti.

— Commissioning, marking, reading blueprints, manual assembly — for all this we reply — explains the master equipment installation Sergey Kirichenko. — Any day now earns a modern pipeline. By the way, this is still only in Novosibirsk. And now will be in Chechnya.

A parallel in the shop being finalized, "Lada" — left to release 140 "sevens." After that you can fully focus on the new product. Until the end of the year there will collect 400 "Priority", and in 2012 — already four thousand.


And the first two experimental light vehicles ready — silver handcrafted machine produced more August 23, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov.

— Manual assembly area and eliminate defects — are required in the areas of automotive production — explains the young fitter repair shop Ilyas Taysumov. — If the fault occurs on the assembly line, auto enters our shop, the error is liquidated and finished goods leaving the warehouse.
Until the end of the year the plant will collect 400 cars "Lada Priora", and in 2012 — already four thousand


By the way, the average age of the workers of the shop — 25 years. Higher technical education have more than half of them. As it turned out, from 2.5 thousand applicants for jobs to "Pishchemash" were selected on a competitive basis and are trained in Togliatti only 72 people.

— Collect machine in Argun prestigious — recognized Taysumov. — Get good (average earnings in the enterprise — 10 700 rubles. — Comm. Aut.). The plant is restored, we hope that this process is irreversible.


To conversation connects his colleague Iskhadzhi Bakharchiev, a resident of the village of Avtury:

— He dreamed of for a long time to get here, but for a long time it was impossible because of the huge competition. Came about by accident. The recently passed "straight line" with the head of the republic. Venture to send SMSku his request. For good luck, to be honest, did not count because it was Ramzan Kadyrov 45,000 posts. Of course, delighted when a call from the government. The plant was waiting for me CEO …

Of its parts
According to the General Director of JSC "Chechenavto" Aynadi Kuzumova, production capacity pipeline will produce up to 20,000 cars a year. And when will be commissioned additional nodes and plots — and 50000. This jump must occur within five years — a company incorporated in the strategy of development of the Volga auto giant until 2016.


— We now have 125 people working, but with the launch of the new pipeline will increase the number of nearly a hundred, — says Kusuma. — When will arrive at the amount of four thousand cars a multiplier effect activates a chain of related industries. One job at the plant will create seven to ten in the associated industries — engineering, metal working, polymer field, instrumentation, light manufacturing, maintenance, and others.

The next step will build a plant of automotive components (area of 20 hectares fully allows it) with its own welding, paint, stamping and other shops. The relevant business project worth 12.2 billion rubles sent for approval to the Ministry of Regional Development.


— The share of the component parts have 65-72 percent of the cost of the car. Establishing its own issue will allow us not only to reduce the cost of the machines, but also to fully meet the demand for quality and cheaper parts — continues the source.

The strategic benchmark — the production of 350-400 thousand units per year for each item. Experts have calculated that the needs of "Chechenavto" to 2014 will amount to no less than 60,000 parts, automobile assembly of regional companies — 100-150 thousand, and about 200,000 would need to deliver to the secondary market. When leaving on such indicators at the company will create up to ten thousand jobs.

Auto industry of the future
— When we set about restoring the republic’s industry, we decided to start assembling cars and the production of automotive components, — says the Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Republic of Chechnya Sultan Rahman. — Why? World practice shows that many countries, including Japan, Korea and China, out of economic stagnation, had focused on the development of the automobile industry. In China today, there are 470 auto plants podtyanuvshy related sectors of the economy.


Development of existing facilities and equipment upgrades will provide flexible auto production at two assembly lines. After a few years in Argun dream to collect up to 50,000 different vehicles a year based on the carrier body — and the front wheel, and classic models. The second thread to mount the assembly line production based on the carrier frame construction of small trucks of various modifications for specific orders (for example, a truck, which still has a working title — "Word"), and up to 30,000 cars of the "Jeep" with all-wheel drive. Total production in Argun after both lines at full capacity will be 70-80 thousand cars annually.


— According to the experts, the need for light-duty trucks in Russia and the CIS countries is 170,000 vehicles per year. While this gap is closed used trucks Korean, Chinese, Japanese production — said Rahman. — We can produce cheaper and quality domestic cars.

In the future, in Chechnya will be a second production site to produce cars in Gudermes on the basis of SUE "Medinstrument." There are two assembly lines to assemble vehicles with a plastic body on the frame bulk of the "Stalker" and GAZ-2332 City Van with a plastic body on the frame and special purpose machines for health care, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations. Pressing the plastic parts on advanced technologies ensuring quality and low cost of production, ready to take on the Grozny State Unitary Enterprise "Avtomatstrom." Production at Gudermes site will be 20-25 thousand cars a year.


And Chechnya wants to position itself as a manufacturer of entire range of AvtoVAZ (including the "sedan", "HB", "wagon"), the lineup of GAZ (City Van based on the car "Volga", "Word" on a platform of "gazelles") and "Reno."

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