In Chechnya tested radar system Zoo-1M

The soldiers of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) used radar complex (RLC) of the new generation of "Zoo" on maneuvers in Chechnya, said on Monday, September 23, the press service of the county.

Within a month, the gunners’ worked through the deployment of radar system at different times of the day and completed more than 30 standards for the reception, transmission and processing of information, "RIA Novosti reported.

RFCs reconnaissance and monitoring of fire "Zoo-1M" is designed for reconnaissance of the enemy firing positions, calculating the trajectories of shells and correction of target indications.

It detects in-flight issued enemy artillery projectiles and calculates their flight path, allowing you to define a point of fire and destruction area.

The obtained data allow us to detect the enemy firing positions and effectively correct the work of their firepower.

The complex is completely self-contained, to deploy it takes about 5 minutes.

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