In Chelyabinsk, began selling a pack of cigarettes with frightening

photographs of smokers

Ministry of Health has replaced the warning labels on cigarette packs shocking images of human organs affected by cancer, as well as those of smokers with the experience.


On June 12, Russia entered into force provision for posting photos smokers suffering from cancer, premature aging and periodontal disease. Manufacturers and importers of tobacco products ordered during the year to change the design of cigarette packs. As international practice shows that the emergence of such shocking images of long-term effects of tobacco smoking causes many novice smokers to give up the addiction. Several companies have already taken this step in the outlets of Chelyabinsk appeared cigarette with frightening images.

According to the buyers, they have experienced a slight shock when the notice on the packaging of cigarettes a terrible picture with teeth smoker affected periodontal disease, or the image of the smoker‘s lungs with 20 years of experience.

According to Rosstat data, 39.1% of Russians are smokers — that’s 43.9 million people. According Chelyabinskstata, in the Chelyabinsk region just above the percentage of smokers — 44.2%. The average smoker smokes almost a pack a day (17 cigarettes). In this year from the effects of smoking are killed and 400 thousand Russians.

Recall that from June 1, 2013, according to the anti-tobacco law in Russia can not smoke in the territories and in the premises of educational, cultural, sports, health and spa facilities. In addition, smoking is prohibited in public transport and the urban commuter, on board aircraft, in places outdoors at a distance of less than 15 meters from the entrance to the premises of railway stations, airports, ports, subway stations.

The next step will be a ban on the sale of tobacco products outside stores and shopping pavilions from 1 June 2014.

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