In Chelyabinsk, launched the most advanced foundry in Russia and Europe

In two years, the Russian-Italian joint project to build a plant — LLC "BVK" received practical benefits — in the Chelyabinsk region have launched the most modern steel industry, which has no analogues in Russia, nor in Europe for the quality of the body molding for fuel znergeticheskogo complex.

The enterprise created 300 new jobs with an average wage — 35 thous. Among the new employees of the plant — the former workers’ Stankomash "The investment amounted to nearly three billion rubles. Regional coffers filled up only this year by 42 million rubles in tax deductions.

Castings are designed to produce:

— pieces of body parts of valves (gate valves, ball valves) for the oil and gas industry,
— pieces of body parts of the main oil-transfer pumps and turbines,
— pieces of body parts valves for fuel energy,
— billet products for the nuclear industry.   

In September 2011 between the management of CJSC "Konar" and the Italian company «Cividale Group» signed an agreement to build a steel plant. Power running, now already shipped the first experimental batches to the customers.

The main feature of the new production — electric arc furnace steel-making complex treatment and vacuuming. It allows you to produce high-quality carbon and stainless steels. A technology used in the manufacture of forms of cold-mix produces large complex castings of the highest quality weighing up to 30 tons. This is the case molding, pipe valves. The production capacity of 25 thousand tons of cast billets and ingots per year.

"There is no blast furnaces are completely new equipment which is not designed low power consumption, allowing to produce quality products. The main difference between us — ladle treatment of steel, which is produced in the ladle furnace. This enables us to get rid of harmful impurities, non-metallic inclusions and gases, which ultimately may result in defective castings. That is, the charge is loaded into the furnace — get cake mix. Then he goes to the ladle furnace, where the metal is refined and brought its chemical composition. Then, the metal enters the vacuum vessel, where the removal of harmful gases are " — Said the chief technologist Alexander Glukhov.

The plant is located on land belonging to FNPC "Stankomash."

Earlier, about a factory JSC "Konar":

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