In Chelyabinsk, on the basis of the Lyceum number 97 opened a kindergarten for 50 children

All in the nursery of the regional center is reduced. Two additional groups for preschoolers are opened on the basis of the Lyceum number 97. Here in a week will be able to walk 50 kids age three. After the reconstruction in a separate wing of the Lyceum equipped comfortable rooms for games and activities, bedroom, dressing room. There is a medical center and an insulator. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the kids to be a chef to cook your own. All rooms are equipped in accordance with the requirements of SanPin and fire safety. Recreational sites are built on the veranda

On the reconstruction of the premises of the school, which in 2008 became a subsidiary of the Lyceum 97, from the city treasury spent more than 4 million. Another 1 million rubles allocated for the purchase of new furniture, gaming and medical equipment, soft stock. Still, it is much cheaper than building a new kindergarten.

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