In Cherepovets commissioned new facilities for the production of scrap shredirovannogo

September 8

At the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant was put into operation an industrial complex for the production of shredirovannogo (crushed or ground) of scrap $ 1.7 billion.
Power Complex 10000 hp (a power plant in Cherepovets unique in the world) That allows you to recycle scrap thickness up to 12 mm and receive up to 3,000 tons of "meal" per day.

"The introduction of new capacity into operation will ensure the quality of scrap required to raise the intensity of production, lower costs for the purchase of scrap marker, to ensure process safety steelmaking," — says AD Grubman.

The new equipment is scheduled to be at full capacity in October 2011.

Supplier is the company Danieli LYNXS (Italy, England), to implement similar projects in Australia, the UK and the U.S.. The system is designed for high-tech processing of black oversized scrap metal category 5 A and 12 A. Its annual capacity 0.8 — 1 million tons of scrap type 2 Ash ("meal").

Using modern technology speeds up the processing of scrap. Thus, the processing of the car at the new plant is spent 3 minutes, you end up with a high quality finished product with a small-sized high bulk density: for the electric plant — up to 1 t / m? (Currently 0.68 t / m) for the converter shop — 1.1 t / m? (Currently 0.9 m / m). This bulk density reduces the number of fillings scrap in electric furnaces and converters, while most of melting and, accordingly, the flow of energy. According to the calculations, the use of the product installation in electric shredder QSF will increase the number of heats in the electric shop CherMK from 53 to 57 per day.

The product, which will be manufactured at the new complex, explosion-proof, it does not have non-metallic inclusions, oxides, littered the product of the new complex is less than 1%.

The high degree of purity of the precursor for the production of steel is provided on the installation of separation, where the separation of raw materials for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In this case, non-ferrous metals are fit for use in steelmaking for alloying steel. By the way, the separation technology at the facility, built in Cherepovets, has no analogues in the world. The complex is equipped with modern ecological systems (installation of shredder dust control, air separation plants with air circulation for iron and non-ferrous metals), which will provide a minimum compared to what is prescribed load on the environment. Suffice it to say that the new equipment is double flue gas cleaning system and dust collection efficiency is 99%.

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