In Cherkessia opened the Palace of Culture and the new ZAGC

In Cherkessia first opened in the Palace of Culture and the new city registrar. Exactly one year ago, at a meeting with residents of Cherkessk, a request was made to build a new city registry office, which would become not only a place where the marriage will be registered, issued birth certificates, and would be landmark in the city, a place of good traditions passed down from generation to generation .   

Spacious room for weddings and Palace of Culture — the perfect gift not only to the residents of the northern district of Cherkessk, but to all the citizens and residents of the republic.  

This building has a lot of important functions. It provides a large concert hall for cultural events. Very soon start operating a branch of children’s musical and aesthetic schools, various circles of additional education and rehearsal studio creative teams. "  

The city authorities have allocated funds for the purchase and renovation of the former recreation center under RTI City Palace of Culture, where he placed a beautiful wedding hall.
Repair work began June 1, 2012. By contractors were completely replaced the roof, windows, doors, all public infrastructure and wiring. Instead of the old linoleum floor tile appeared scarf high quality. All rooms have modern air-conditioning system.
A significant part of the first floor is occupied by the City Department of Civil Registry Office on KCR. Heart Registry Office — the most spacious in the country wedding hall area of 273 square meters, which provides a comfortable place for guests of the ceremony. In addition to the front there is a separate entrance to the "Avenue of the newlyweds" and to the "Bridge of Love."


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