In Churapchinsky District, Yakutia launched a new substation Kohara

"Yakutskenergo" and the Ministry of Housing and Energy Yakutia introduced to the work of the substation 35/10 kV "Kohara" in Churapchinsky Ulus. The installed capacity of new power — 2×4 kVA. It is equipped with modern equipment: vacuum circuit breakers for 35 kV and 10 kV, electronic relays "Sirius", two power transformers of 4000 kVA. The station is designed to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply in the village Curapca where there is large-scale construction of social facilities.

The estimated cost of the design and construction of four substations and overhead lines at 10 kV ("SHT", "Kohara," "Curapca-1", "Curapca-2") amounted to 149 million rubles.

The need for new capacity is dictated by the growth of energy consumption due to the active development of agriculture and housing, simultaneous major national events.
The new substation will provide electricity school sports, high school, stadium seats 3,000, quarterly boiler room, a sports complex, etc. Equipped with the latest technology to create technological opportunities to connect new customers.

According to the Deputy Director General — Chief Engineer of OAO AK "Yakutsk" Sergei Gavrilov, the opening of the substation — a special event, as is essential for the development of power grid facilities of the village, whose demand for new capacity every year becoming more tangible."Kohara" provided high-quality and reliable electricity supply facilities XIX Games Manchaary in the future will benefit Churapchinsky ulus ", — he noted.

The plans of Power — the further development of the complex network to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country. Thus, the planned opening of a new substation in the lower section Bestyakh Megino-Kangalassky district as well as DPP in paragraph Russian Mouth Allaikhovsky district.

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