In Chuvashia, a sewing workshop for 65 jobs

December 2 Baygildinskom rural community inaugurated a new venture in the area — sewing workshop for 65 jobs.

Yuda includes three settlements: Baygildina, turunovo, New Mamei. The residents of these villages and work in the shop, which is located on the second floor Baygildinskogo rural houses of culture, previously was empty room.

About 10 sewing machines have been installed, the frames are selected. Product range: children’s mattresses and sets. Channels for implementing known.

Businessman Vladimir Bulavin, being a resident of a husband on New Mamei, decided to leave a good mark in the hearts of his countrymen native now Baygildinskogo rural settlement. His idea to open a sewing shop here was supported by all: Administration and Kanashsky region in the face of the head, and the leadership of the rural settlement. Joint effort was renovated rooms.

It will employ 60 seamstresses and 5 — engineers and maintenance staff. Adopted a cutter Valentine Ilyin, who is able to sew and cut. Servicemen — Yu.M.Alekseev and L.A.Ignatev, both live in d.Turunovo. There are among seamstresses and man, it’s — Nikolay Mihaylov, who has worked in a sewing factory. He and his wife, a dentist office of rural general practice, raising two children. Nicholas K. and home sewing business carries himself.

Another highlight of the event. Sewing workshop will be held teaching and practical training of the local high school student Baygildinskoy school. This has already been an agreement between the owner of a clothing shop and a school principal V.M.Bulavinym V.G.Ilinym. On Saturday there will be the lessons of technology. So, the girls will learn sewing, which, of course, be very useful to future hostesses.

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