In Chuvashia, for the grand opening of the new Dairy Farm Ltd. Source

November 2 in the village of Upper Buyanovo Shemurshinsky district inaugurated the new Dairy Farm Ltd. "Source", reconstructed with the latest animal science.

Farm Ltd. "Source" is a large object like a few more running in Chuvashia this year. The investor, who claimed responsibility for the revival of animal husbandry in the area, made entrepreneur Nikolai Bulls, formerly known for its construction projects.

On the reconstruction of livestock farms and purchase of pedigree cattle brought soft loans RAB. The total cost of the project was the reconstruction of 104.7 million, including 49.6 million — an eight-year grace Agricultural Bank loan.

On the reconstructed dairy farm Ltd. "Source" has brought from the Republic of Belarus 100 head of breeding heifers highly productive black-motley breed golshtinizirovannogo to replace low productive cows.

The total number of dairy cattle during the implementation of the project will be set to 200, and the quality will be replacing livestock: a dairy herd will be introduced and grown heifers purchased by a highly productive breed. The result, as expected, the average daily milk yield per cow on the farm will grow to 23-25 liters per day, which is comparable to zapadnoevropeskimi indicators.

To establish a sustainable food supply animals Ltd. "Source" has been sown crops on the area of 1,140 hectares. Grain yield this year was 24.5 kg / ha. How to tell the experts of the enterprise and forage crops in the rotation cover about 40%. In particular, growing perennial crops. Overall, the winter harvested 10,000 tons of hay, 600 tons of hay.

Backed by extensive experience in the agricultural sector, the company’s quite confidently see their future. Among their immediate plans for the construction of farm support facilities (warehouses, power utility-supporting structures) further landscaping.

To succeed in the capacity of the economic potential of the agricultural sector and the implementation of the State program of development of the village need for effective measures to improve the level and quality of agricultural production management, overcoming the shortage of professionals and skilled workers. This was announced at the opening ceremony of the dairy complex Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Chuvashia Sergei Pavlov. As noted in the future minister, the farm premises of a pure and landscaping, working on such an undertaking pleasure: there are new jobs for area residents. There are all conditions for productive work.

The initiator of the project Nikolay Bykov said: "We are grateful to the leadership of the republic, by the president, with the active support agro-industrial sector. Thanks to a comprehensive state support and subsidies can be implemented large-scale projects such as this. And, of course, need the initiative from the field: do not sit back and work day and night, developing the village. "

According to the director of the Chuvash regional branch of "Russian Agricultural Bank" Irina Pismenskaya, the Agricultural Bank as one of the institutions of state support for agricultural producers is making every effort to ensure that the new, modern technology as best you can get accustomed to the village. Today, when we see before us the results of these works, it is impossible not to be happy for our country. After all, the new farm Ltd. "Source" in Shemurshinsky area — it means new jobs, and innovative methods of agribusiness.

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