In CRH Kodinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) has the latest diagnostic equipment

Equipment for blood grouping and antibody blood of pregnant purchased with funds of JSC "RusHydro", set in the diagnostic laboratory of the Central District Hospital of hydropower Kodinsk. Approvals for new equipment management Kezhemskogo CRH gave in October 2012, the General Director of JSC "Boguchan HPP" Nicholas Tereshkov, delivery and installation were carried out in February 2013.

JSC "RusHydro" (project investor Boguchanskaya HPP) has implemented several charitable initiatives in hydrobuilders Kodinsk (Kezhemsky district of Krasnoyarsk region). With the financial support of the company for Kezhemskogo Central Regional Hospital (CRH) and the Center of additional education Kezhemskogo district purchased the expensive equipment, which will greatly improve the quality of social services to the population. So, in January 2013 TSDOD got a new computer lab and additional equipment for outbound multimedia class, adapted for use with professional video programs and audio.

Social and charitable projects of the company RusHydro aimed at developing and improving the quality of life of residents in the regions of its presence, creating conditions for the development of sports and cultural preservation, orientation of the younger generation, as well as community organization of veterans and retirees. Charitable program "RusHydro" annually implemented in all regions of the — in the Republic of Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, North Ossetia-Alania, Chuvashia, Khakassia, in the Perm and Stavropol Territories, Amur, Volgograd, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saratov and Yaroslavl regions as well as in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Kezhemskogo CRH received a set of advanced equipment for the implementation of the work of the gel technique of antibodies in the serum. Gel method is the most modern and the most reliable to apply today. The set includes a centrifuge, a thermostat and consumables (diagnostic kits and reagents Tablet cards). Equipment acquired Kezhemskogo CRH has a high processing speed, which will serve pregnant women (such analysis they need to go to 2 times a month), maternal and newborn health.

In the first days of March, the new equipment has conducted more than 30 tests. The accuracy of diagnosis with new devices — the incubator and centrifuge — more than 95%. On the equipment used previously, the accuracy of studies was less than 75%. This posed great risks for expectant mothers — to avoid the risk of rhesus they had to overcome almost a thousand kilometers and take the necessary tests in the hospitals of Krasnoyarsk. Now, no such problem. Diagnosis is carried out in the shortest possible time and treatment will be scheduled in a timely manner.

— Earlier analysis on the blood group and antibodies contained in the blood, took more than one hour — explained biologist diagnostic laboratory Kezhemskogo CRH Galina Nedelina. — Now is the time reduced to 20 and 35 minutes respectively. Stock reagents supplied with the new installation, enough for more than six months, and in the future they will be replenished — so that new equipment will not be idle.

The introduction of advanced diagnostic method in the work of CDH will create conditions for the early detection of a number of serious diseases and early treatment of mothers and newborns.

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