In CSTS Dynamics completed the creation of a simulator for the Ka-52

Experts CSTS "Dynamics" completed assembly of the first integrated simulator CHP-52 crew of the new all-weather combat helicopter Ka-52.
Training complex (UGC) to prepare for the Ka-52 was created in the CSTS "Dynamics" to order of "Kamov", according to Aviation Explorer. In addition to the complex simulator CHP-52 entered an automated system for the initial training of theoretical training.
Simulator cockpit layout was made by Arsenyevsky plant "Progress" and corresponds exactly to the real cockpit of the Ka-52. As imitators control stations used the actual controls that are installed on the Ka-52. The visual system simulator is a 6-channel projection-screen complex with a spherical screen. To play modes used night vision hardware and software system consisting of a computer image generation software vnekabinnoy situation-specific images in the CAC, virtual reality glasses and laser tracker. The structure of the simulator also includes a simulation system of acoustic environment on board the helicopter.
Now CSTS "Dynamics" started work on the assembly of the second integrated simulator Ka-52 is also designed to JSC "Kamov".

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