In Dagestan earned shop for meat and milk processing

In Babayurtovskiy region of Dagestan on the basis of KFH "Nur" solemnly opened the complex processing of meat and dairy products.  

The production capacity of the plant will process about 10 tons of milk per day, and 1, 5 tons of meat (sausage shop) per day. This is mainly pasteurized milk, yogurt, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese. KFH has also preparation center at 900 tons, 4 refrigerators for 600 tons, slaughterhouse on 15 goals.

Today the farm, excluding calves has more than 500 head of cattle, including 212 cows. In 2009, purchased 160 breeding heifers. Contained in the typical cattle farm with 700 goals, which is also built with the help of bank loans, some of the interest on which repay subsidies Agriculture RD. Mechanized milking, distribution of feed, navozouborka, there are drinkers. With all of the work on the farm to cope nine people who earn an average of 10,000 rubles, which is not bad by today’s standards. During the past year, the gross yield on the farm exceeded 700 tons. During the year, sold about 70 tons of beef. In 2009 fatlings meat 400 head of cattle, now fattening bull is still 221.

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