In Dagestan, has opened a new factory for the manufacture of concrete blocks

March 1, in the village of New Khushet, a suburb of Makhachkala, the grand opening of the plant for the production of energy-efficient gas-concrete blocks.

The investment project is implemented by the administration of Makhachkala. Production capacity — 500 cubic meters aerocrete RMT-500 in change. It will use local raw materials — cement, gypsum, lime, sand. The opening of the new enterprise has created more than 100 jobs.

The production is unique in Dagestan. Gazoblok — a modern energy-saving material. Thanks to him, there are significant economies in the construction and transportation of building materials, they do not require plastering, easily handled.

 Speaking at the opening of the facility, the head of Makhachkala Said Amirov said that the event is important for the whole country.

"This is one of the largest investment projects implemented in the city in recent times. The plant‘s capacity is 500 cubic meters of products per day, equivalent to 125 thousand ordinary bricks. One standard unit replaces 18 red bricks. Moreover, the production of aerocrete helps save the environment of our country, because it replaces dozens of harmful brick plants. Resolution of the City Administration in December, the plants were closed. The house of aerocrete cool in summer and warm in the winter, "- he said.

The mayor also expressed his gratitude to the investors and builders of the plant, calling the project is a good example of municipal-private partnership.

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