In Dagestan, started harvesting winter crops

In the 18 districts of Dagestan started harvesting winter crops, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic. 

According to recent reports, the country harvested just 5 thousand 022 hectares, with a yield of 24 quintals per hectare gross yield amounted to 12 082 thousand tons.

"Organized started harvesting sector Khasavyurt district, where cleaned 3 hectares and yields 25 t / ha total yield was 7 thousand 500 tons of winter grain, or 62% of the national average," — said the source.

Also currently ongoing forage. At the end of last week, harvested 269 thousand tons, 40.1 million tons more than last year, including 248.3 thousand tons of hay, 22.5 thousand tons of silage. In addition, 550 tons of silage harvested farms Derbent, Kayakent and Kazbek districts.

Most harvested forages Babayurt — 43.8 thousand tons, Kizlyar — 41.0 thousand tons and Hasavjurtovskogo — 35,0 thousand tons areas. Not bad going blank and farms St. Stalskogo, Magaramkentskogo, Tarumovskiy, Nogai and Tabasaranskogo areas, where the number varies from 10 to 21 tons of fodder.

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