In Dagestan, started production of energy-saving lamps


August 29. At the largest industrial enterprise in Dagestan JSC Concern "KEMP" embarked on a production of energy saving lamps.

The new production within the group was built in just 1.5 years. At full capacity, it will work to complete the process of training of professionals and workers. In the meantime, pilot production is 8 kinds of energy saving lamps.
Annual production will be about 3 million units. This will completely cover the needs of the regional market in energy-saving lamps and organize supplies in the Russian regions.

General director of "KEMP" Ahmatov Ibrahim, said that the mass production of energy-saving lamps will begin this year and the new products immediately go on the shelves of Russian stores. Equipment worth about a million dollars was purchased in China.
According to Akhmatova, in October of 20 specialists of the plant will go to education and vocational training abroad. Some of the workers have been trained by foreign colleagues directly from the factory.
At present JSC Concern "KEMP" is an association of large enterprises, factories which develop and produce products of defensive value and consumer goods: avionics, controls and diagnostics of aircraft, medical equipment, gas equipment, electrical appliances, water heaters, auto products agricultural machinery, and even furniture. Products of concern "KEMP" is widely known in Russia and abroad.

The main consumers of defense equipment produced by concern are the aircraft factories of the Russian Federation and CIS countries (head customer — Air Force Defense Ministry). The main consumers of foreign countries should include the People’s Republic of China and Ethiopia.

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