In Dnepropetrovsk opened a sorting line for solid waste capacity of 50 million tons per year

On Saturday, September 28 in Dnipropetrovsk-based enterprise "Ukrekoresursy" opened a new sorting line for solid waste.

Capacity of the new line is about 50 million tons of solid waste per year, which is 25% will reduce the burden on landfills of municipal solid waste. Alexander Vilkul stressed that today in Ukraine in 500 settlements introduced the technology of separate collection of waste.  

"Today we have opened a new line of sorting garbage in the framework of the program for the separate collection of waste. Today, the 500 localities technology is implemented separate waste collection. Beginning in 2010, is open 21 sorting line and construct 23 more such complexes. It is important to maximize return the waste to the economy of the state. Unfortunately, to date, in Ukraine, depth of processing at the level of 4%, while in Europe, the level is 35%. Today, we are making another step to ensure that our cities were cleaner and refined products back into the country ", — he said.

The new sorting line allows you to select the PET bottles, paper, cardboard, glass, build waste by type for subsequent sale on the companies involved in the recycling of materials.

In Dnipropetrovsk region also plans to open a third trigger waste processing plant "Right Bank", construction waste processing plant "Left Bank" in the regional capital, purchase of containers for separate collection of speakers mousse and construction of landfills.

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