In Dolgoprudnom opened BioBiznesInkubator

May 15-16, 2012 MIPT Recently in the II International Conference "Models of innovative development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry at universities as integrators of Science and Industry", which was inaugurated BioBiznesInkubatora who initiated the formation of Biopharmaceutical Cluster "Northern"  in the Moscow region.  



The opening ceremony was attended by the rector of the Institute Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Technology Industry and Trade of Russia Sergey Tsib, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Barry Sharpless, executive director of the CBF "North" Oleg baskets, Scripps professor Valery Fokin and a member of the Supervisory Board MIPT Alexander Povalko. In BioBiznes incubator guests, in particular, got acquainted with the lab, which will be conducted scientific research under the direction of Barry Sharpless, organized by JSC "Chemical Diversity Research Institute." 

"Just a year ago, was laid a symbolic stone in the center of the development of innovative medicines and technologies in the field of living systems. But today the participants will be acquainted with the laboratories of renowned visiting scholars, as well as opening biobiznes incubator, which must be created first small innovative enterprises and corporate laboratories, as a prototype of the future center " , — noted in a speech Acting Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturova.  

 "The basic idea of BioBiznes Incubator is to, without waiting for 2014, when will be launched under construction now biotechnological body MIPT, test models of interaction of private companies with the university", — Said Oleg Korzinov RIA Novosti reported. According to him, it is about creating a "leaven" of future projects, which are then "relocate" in the biotech case. "Even now there are a couple of startups that will work here, with a number of start-ups, we are negotiating about the form in which they will be placed in the business incubator", — Add to shopping cart.

BFC "North" is created within the framework of Federal Target Program "Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation up to 2020 and beyond". Start the cluster in 2014.     

In BioBiznesInkubatore corporate laboratories will be set up cluster members, placed the first start-ups that will have to gain traction in 2014 and enter into the biofarmkorpusa. During these two years will be worked out algorithms and methodology of cooperation between science and industry practice. Already in the first year of formation BioBiznesInkubatora it became apparent that the cluster approach can be effective in practice and contribute to the modernization of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia.


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