In domestic nanoindustry invested 470 billion


In the past four years, the domestic nanotech finally entered the orbit of sustainable development.
Already Corporation "RUSNANO" approved a total of 126 investment projects with a total amount of funding which amounted to almost 470 billion rubles.] Such data were given the Director of the Department of scientific and technical expertise, "RUSNANO" Sergei Kalyuzhny during a speech at the II Congress of Nanotechnology in Ufa.
Production sites are deployed in 30 regions of the country — from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk. In 2010, the country was launched eight plants for the production of nano-products. Until the end of 2011 added to this list another 13 similar businesses. Nanovyruchki projected volume is expected to reach the end of the year, 20 billion rubles.
"The Republic of Bashkortostan — one of the regions of the flagships of the Russian nanotechnology industry. "RUSNANO" already serves two projects co-investor in the country. At different stages of consideration is 6 more applications for funding received from Bashkortostan ", — said Sergey Kalyuzhniy.
"Only in Bashkiria has started the production of electrochemical tools. And now we are working on the issue of organization of the enterprise on the basis of the technology park. Approved for funding the project of "Zhespar-Bios" to produce cosmetics "NanoDerm." Only in these two projects share "RUSNANO" is 120 million rubles, "stated Rustem Khamitov.

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