In Engels opened the first fashion avenue in the country

This Saturday, Engels was one more attraction. There’s opened its first Russian fashion avenue "Boulevard of roses." This is a completely new type of passage, which combines street trading and all the comforts of modern shopping complexes. This is the pattern makers Avenue took the traditional European shopping districts.

"Boulevard of Roses" is not only dozens of different outlets, but also a pedestrian area with fountains, flower beds and benches on which you can relax from grocery shopping.

-This is a profitable investment project, an example of the effective use of public-private partnerships. It is more than 500 jobs and tax revenue — said was present at the opening of the street Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev. — Engels always featured a high level of improvement, concern for the comfort of residents, cleanliness and comfort. Opened "Boulevard of Roses" — a new word in the formation of the architectural appearance of the city and the creation of modern infrastructure.

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