In Engels (Saratov region). Remodel strategic air base

June 27 at the Air Force Base near the Russian city of Engels, Saratov Region held a ceremony laying the first tons of high-strength concrete in the foundation of the runway for aircraft of strategic aviation.

In the construction of the airfield at its base will be laid membrane, preventing the penetration of moisture into the base of the runway, and the quality of all the layers of the runway styling will keep track of the automatic control.

In this case computers installed at the construction technique using the signals of satellite navigation system will keep stacking sand and concrete so precisely that the variation in runway construction will amount to no more than 2-3 mm.

Reconstruction of the airport, "Engels" was initiated by specialists Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" in the interest of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in early 2012. Design and survey work carried FSUE "CPO at Spetsstroy Russia."

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