In Evenki local network upgraded street lighting

In the village Bajkit Evenk district completed the modernization of the lighting system, the press service of the regional administration.

As part of the pilot project "On energy saving and energy efficiency" in the Baikit 324 lamp street lights replaced with modern energy. For these purposes was allocated 10 million 200 thousand rubles. Power consumption of new light fixtures is 2.7 times less than usual.

"The situation with street lighting has always been complaints from residents of the village. The work done — this is a major step forward. Of course, we will see how to work the new equipment, but so far no complaints. In the future the full audit of the village light to identify problem, unlit areas. Within there is more work to be installed similar equipment. Thus, the problem of lighting the village at night is resolved in the long term ", — said the head of the village of Nikolai Bryuhanov.

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