In Evenki village Vanavara opened a new hospital


The new hospital Vanavary — the pride of the whole village. Since the beginning of the year in operation launched 1st Corps, in it and clinic, and hospital. Here immediately bought new equipment, equipped with everything — from dressing to the dental office.

Irina Vetsel previously received treatment at the old hospital, which was built in the 1950s. The comfort level of the patients in these wards do not compare with the old conditions.

Irina VETSEL: "Heaven and earth, of course. Everything here is good — and a toilet nearby, and a shower. The spacious and bright rooms, the old hospital was bad "

Chief physician states that subspecialists willingly went to work for them.

Tatiana KATERINECHEVA: "Not every district region can boast of such a hospital like ours. This hospital has enabled us not only to attract new professionals to work precisely in this area, but also possible to give a more complete investigation and the provision of medical care to our population Vanavary "

Elena SKOROKHODOVA: "The population of this invaluable gift, because the old we had in the 1950s built. Residents speaking honestly did not expect that there will be such a hospital, but when she found their contours, run 1st Corps, of course, all rated "now active construction of the 2nd Corps Hospital, is located here and the new maternity ward.

Pauline COLT: "The new building hospitals in Vanavara only 2 floors, but here provides just 5 lifts. Who is building their mines "

Pass the 2nd Corps Hospital in Vanavara scheduled until December of this year. After that, here bring equipment, including special boxes for the care of premature babies.…2/2011-08-26-vananara.flv

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