In front of a crowd of onlookers New York City police shot a man with a kitchen knife in his hand

This is not the Soviet totalitarian police who first said "Stop! I'll shoot! ", and then another, and two warning shots into the air give. In the Empire of Good piously police to respect human rights and release this man immediately in the whole clip. Well, that surely, was the spot. Here, right in broad daylight in the heart of New York City's famous Times Square, in front of many foreign tourists and local people police shot a criminal in front of the tourists. After all, the Empire of Good — This is not a totalitarian scoop. In Good Immer — freedom and democracy! Anatoly Wasserman

The shooting occurred on Saturday on Seventh Avenue near Times Square. This area is a favorite destination for tourists, and there's almost always a lot of passers-by. The authorities, however, analyzing the actions of police officers recognized them as legitimate, writes The New York Times.

Killed was 51-year-old Darrius Kennedy. He drew the attention of police when he began waving a large kitchen knife IKEA length of 28 cm, threatening to pass on the street to tourists. As a result, the police fired 12 shots to stop an attacker.

At least seven issued bullets have reached the goal, and three of them hit the bully in the chest. Two more bullets hit in the left arm, one — in the groin, and one — in the shin suspect.

It all happened in broad daylight, at about 15:00, in front of dozens of shocked passers-by. Other onlookers watched from the windows of the New York office.

Kennedy was admitted to hospital, but died shortly afterwards in hospital.

Shooting in the heart of New York City immediately became a sensation. The top news spread through all of American television.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly called the actions of colleagues lawful. It is also not surprised by the number of shots fired, saying that for the police to release 12 bullets in a suspect — a common occurrence.

The police also said that the guardians of the law before shooting six times used pepper spray, but gas Darriusa Kennedy did not act. Taser stun guns and police have not been, and so they decided to shoot to kill.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg supported the police version. According to him, the normal law-abiding person would not have to run down the street with a knife and threatening passers-by, and even more cops. So Darrius Kennedy was one of the crazed criminals who the police must stop at all costs. / uk

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